Veterans (VA) Disability Benefits For Eye Injuries

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Veterans (VA) Disability Benefits For Eye Injuries

If you were an active duty service member in the United States military and you suffered a visual impairment, you may be eligible for various types of VA benefits. Discuss your condition with a veterans’ benefits attorney from Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices for more information on your eligibility for VA benefits.

How an Eyesight Impairment is Rated

The VA uses three standards of measurement for eye conditions. These include central visual acuity, muscle function, and visual field.

  1. Central Visual Acuity is determined by how blurry or focused images are at specified distances. A standard eye chart is used to determine acuity and is described as 20/20 to 5/200. If vision can be corrected using glasses or contacts, the VA will base the rating on corrected vision. If the measurement is worse than 5/200, it is considered blind. Both eyes are considered in the measurement to determine the overall rating.
  2. The visual field measurement is determined by the broad area or field of vision. If there is vision loss in the upper, lower, or central field of vision or there is a loss of peripheral vision, compensation may be awarded.
  3. Muscle dysfunction is determined by how well the muscles can move the eye. It’s measured similarly to the visual field. If an eye is limited in upward or downward movement or side to side movement, it may be compensable.

Can a Veterans Benefits Lawyer Help?

Hiring a veterans benefits attorney is not required to apply for benefits for eye injuries or impairments related to military service. However, working with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer from Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices can improve one’s chances of approval. The rules for VA benefits can be complicated and make it difficult to navigate. A veterans benefits attorney can help you file any claims and appeals if necessary to help you get any compensation you are due. Call us today!

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