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Types of VA Claims

VA Claims Attorneys in South Portland, ME 

Fighting a war and defending your country is an honorable mission that doesn’t come easy. Many are lucky to have their lives when they return home to their families but just because they have survived doesn’t always mean they are alright. Some are left to live with crippling injuries that impact their daily living and thus need compensation in the form of VA disability benefits. This is where having VA claims lawyers in South Portland ME is proud to have comes in handy.

To simplify, VA claims are monthly tax-free payments offered to veterans who acquired illnesses or sustained injuries while in service. There are many factors to consider before qualifying for VA claims including the kind and degree of illness or injury. Filing a claim can be quite an overwhelming process, which is why it is important to have veterans benefits lawyer by your side if you are seeking to get compensated. 

Trusted South Portland, ME VA Claims Lawyers

Enlist the legal assistance of a South Portland, ME VA claims lawyers. VA claims lawyers can help you better comprehend the legal process involved in filing for veterans benefits along with the types of VA claims to file, among other veterans disability concerns. VA claims lawyers can also help you with the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive for veterans disability along with tips on how to request for an increase. 

Get in touch with VA claims lawyers from Jackson and MacNichol, a reputable South Portland, ME law firm. A seasoned VA claims lawyer knows exactly what to do in order to appeal for claims along with offering assistance should you be denied the claims for your personal injury. Don’t sit around and wait, schedule an appointment with a South Portland, ME VA claims lawyers right now. 

Why do I need VA Claims Lawyers in ME?

VA claims lawyersYou deserve due compensation if you have served the country, gotten injured, or acquired an illness that has impacted your life. However, several factors come into play before you can get your VA claim, such as the rating of your disability. These can be pretty overwhelming to think about which is why you need the assistance of seasoned South Portland, ME VA claims lawyers from a reputable law firm. 

Enter the team of Jackson and MacNichol. The law office’s legal team has been providing services to United States veterans for over two decades, fighting for their rights and representing them, ensuring their voices are heard and they get the VA disability compensation they need. The legal team starts by getting a hold of your injury details, meticulously analyzing and filing claims on your behalf. The team offers a solid attorney-client relationship with you as you appeal for claims to get your life back on track. 

Get in touch with the legal experts from Jackson and MacNichol, a South Portland, ME law firm. The lawyers can help you with a host of injuries ranging from neck and back injuries to PTSD to depression and anxiety, along with helping you understand the benefits calculation. The law firm offers a personalized take on the disabled veteran’s situation along with legal advice to help them better understand the case. Schedule an appointment with Jackson and MacNichol right now to learn more.

What are the Types of VA Claims?

As mentioned, VA claims are benefits that are given monthly to veterans who have been injured or acquired illnesses. These benefits are tax-free and are intended to help the veterans with their day-to-day lives. VA Claims aren’t as easy as they seem and many factors come into play when getting claims such as the calculations of the severity of injury. 

Veterans have served the country, defending it when it needed protection and now it is their turn to be cared for. Get in touch with a VA claims attorney to understand the types of VA claims, what to file for, and the intricacies of VA claims law. 

What Are the Types of VA Claims?

If you wish to obtain VA claims, you must first learn the different types of VA claims starting with the following: 

  • Original Claim

The first claim you file for a disability is known as the original claim. The original claim can be filed up to 180 days before leaving the service but you can also file a pre-discharge claim that can help speed up the decision process in order for you to claim your benefits.  

Take note that if you have less than 90 days on your active duty that you cannot file a claim through the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program but you are still allowed to file before you are discharged. A postservice claim is filing for a disability that appears after discharge. There might be no time limit but the process involved is quite complex so get in touch with an attorney for this. 

  • Increased Claim

One can file for increased disability compensation claim if a rated service-connected disability exists has been exacerbated. An updated medical report must be submitted as proof that your service-related injuries have gotten worse. An increase claim can be filed to increase your disability rating and get more monetary support. 

  • New Claim

New claims can be filed in order to obtain more financial support, special monthly payments, and a transition to individual unemployability status, a status for veterans who cannot work due to their disabilities. The decision on new claims is evidence-based so if you are filing for this, be sure to have medical reports ready. 

  • Secondary Service Claim

This is typically filed in order to get more disability benefits for a disability that stemmed from a service-related injury. 

  • Special Claim

Special claims can be filed to compensate for certain needs such as specially equipped vehicles if you are experiencing difficulty in driving and temporary payments if you are recovering from surgery.

  • Supplemental Claim

In order to file for a supplemental claim, you must first prove that the disability claim was denied, that you didn’t file an appeal, and there exists evidence that hasn’t been seen and is related to your claim. 

Navigating the world of VA claims can be quite a complicated process, which is why it is vital to have a South Portland, ME VA claims lawyers by your side to walk you through the entire process and explain the system to you. 

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible for VA Benefits?

You may be eligible for VA benefits if you have a current illness that affects the mind and body and you have served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training. You are also eligible if you acquired illness or injury while serving in the military and are able to link this with the current injury or you were sick prior to joining the military and military made it worse. 

If you are a veteran, you may also receive benefits if you have a disability related to your service that only showed up after your service ended or what is known as a postservice disability claim. These benefits cover the veteran and any dependents. 

How Do I Get VA Compensation Claims in South Portland, ME?

If you are from the South Portland, ME area and are seeking VA claims, know that veterans affairs extend the disability compensation to veterans who show evidence of the following:

  • In-service illness or injury
  • Diagnosis of a disabling condition
  • Nexus or link between your service and injury

Remember that proving a nexus is vital in getting and securing VA benefits. This can be done by scheduling a compensation and pension exam. 

Call our South Portland VA Claims Lawyers Now!

Veterans have been through a lot in their time of service and given the heavy load that the military places on their bodies, it isn’t a surprise why some of them acquire illnesses or get injured, both of which can worsen over time and severely impact their lives. This is why it is important that they get in touch with VA claims lawyers from South Portland, ME law firm Jackson and MacNichol. Lawyers can help smoothen the process from filing claims to appealing. Schedule an appointment right now. 

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