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Are you Eligible for Veterans Benefits?

Veterans Disability Benefits Eligibility in South Portland, ME

Veterans have spent a great deal of their lives serving and defending the country. Veterans were subjected to highly dangerous conditions during their time of service, which makes them susceptible to injuries ranging from mild to debilitating. 

Luckily, veterans’ disability benefits exist. This allows veterans to claim compensation for their injuries. An evaluation is to be performed which determines the range of injury and how much the veteran is entitled to receive based on the severity of their condition. Eligibility ranges from how active the person served and if they received a discharge that isn’t dishonorable. 

If you are considering your veteran’s disability benefits eligibility, it pays to know the different benefits you are entitled to receive. Some of them include VA Pension and Service-Connected Disability Compensation. One can even qualify for other veteran benefits such as home loans and education guarantees. 

South Portland, Maine is notable for many things, to add, they are known for being home to veterans benefits law firms whose lawyers can assist you in qualifying for veterans benefits. 

What are Veterans Disability Benefits?

Veterans Disability Benefits eligibility


There are programs developed by the Department of Veteran Affairs that deal with providing assistance that veterans need, be it medical or financial. The benefit programs present are disability compensation, veterans’ pension, and free or low-cost medical care that they can obtain at VA hospitals. An assessment is usually done to determine how much a veteran receives as eligibility depends on the nature of the injury, how much financial help they need, and their time of service. 

Are you eligible for veterans’ disability benefits? Get in touch with Jackson & MacNichol to get legal assistance regarding your case. 

What is the Basic Eligibility for Veterans Disability Benefits?

There is a certain level of eligibility that veterans must meet to qualify for a disability benefit.  First, the individual must be on active service and has received a discharge that isn’t dishonorable. These are basic requirements but more specific benefits have their eligibility standards. 

These are the categories under each eligibility: 

Military Service (Active)

  • Full-time service in the army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard
  • Service activated by the government
  • Cadets at U.S. Military, Air Force, Coast Guard, and midshipmen in U.S Naval Academy


  • Honorable discharges
  • Discharges under honorable conditions
  • General discharges

I Have a Willful Misconduct Case. Am I Eligible for Veterans Disability Benefits?

Veterans who have wilful misconduct cases or disabilities caused by their misconduct are not allowed to receive benefits. The VA has to prove that an incidence of willful misconduct led to the disability. If you are a veteran with a similar case, you can file for an upgrade or the correction of a military record to get a character of discharge that will make you eligible for benefits.

Are you having trouble obtaining benefits? Do you know your disability rating for obtaining a disability benefit? If all these questions regarding veterans’ disability benefits eligibility are bugging you, know that you can always contact South Portland, ME, veterans benefit attorneys who can help you with your case. 

What are the Kinds of Veterans Benefits?

Depending on the veteran’s condition or situation, there are various benefits that they can receive, namely‌: 

Service-Connected Disability Compensation 

This benefit is a monthly cash benefit payable to disabled veterans. Apart from the basic eligibility, a veteran must have an illness or injury obtained during service that has caused a disability and reduced their quality of living. Certain disabilities such as loss of a limb entitle them to Special Monthly Compensation. 

VA Pension 

VA Pension is known as monthly cash assistance for disabled or retired veterans. Veterans who have low income, have had 90 days of service, including one day of wartime service, and total and permanent disability are eligible for VA pension. Those aged 65 and above also qualify for this benefit. 

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments

This program enables military retirees to simultaneously receive retirement benefits and disability payments. A veteran would need to be of service for 20 or more years and has a service-connected disability rating of 50% and greater. 

Combat-Related Special Compensation 

This program provides compensation to veterans who have suffered from combat-related injuries and illnesses. Eligibility requirements include having at least 20 years of service, a medical retirement, combat-related disability and a 10% or higher disability rating. 

VA Health Care

A veteran doesn’t need a service-related disability to qualify for VA health care. There are some cases wherein there are copays for the medical treatment depending on what kind of service you had. Those discharged for service-related disability needn’t meet this service requirement. 

VA Nursing Home Care

This benefit is given to veterans with a disability rating of 60% and greater but any veteran who meets the basic eligibility requirements for VA can obtain nursing home care benefits. 

Do you know what veterans disability benefits you are eligible for? If so, it is best still to seek legal help before making your move. Get in touch with South Portland, ME veterans benefits attorney in order to get the rightful compensation you deserve. 

What is a Disability Rating?

Veterans disabilities are rated to determine how much compensation a veteran is entitled to receive. The rating varies greatly on the injury incurred. Ratings include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury- are rated depending on how much it has impacted the veteran as opposed to how severe the original injury is
  • Mental Illness- The ratings for mental illness range from 0%, 10%, 30% 50%, 70%, and 100% depending on the symptoms and how much it limits the veteran from partaking in daily activities. 
  • Muscle Injuries- rated depending on the injury from shrapnel or gunshot wounds, loss of function, scars, limited motion.

Special monthly compensation is given to veterans who have suffered from loss of hand and foot function, loss of vision, loss of use of limbs, and amputation. They are entitled to additional monthly benefits. 

Am I Eligible for Veterans Disability Benefits? 

There are certain situations that make one eligible for veterans disability benefits including

  • Currently suffering from sickness or injury that affects your quality of living.
  • Served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty for training throughout your time in the military

If both are true, at least one of the following statements must also apply 

  • Incurred illness or injury while serving in the military (in-service disability claim)
  • Health problem or injury prior to joining the military (pre-service disability claim)
  • Disability as a result of your duty that didn’t manifest itself immediately (post-service disability claim)

Seek Legal Advice for Veterans Disability Benefits Eligibility. 

Veterans have done a great deal for the country and helping them get back on their feet is the way we help them. If you believe you are eligible for veterans disability benefits or are having trouble obtaining these, get in touch with veterans disability attorneys from South Portland, ME. Consult Jackson & MacNichol and get the legal assistance you need to get your life back on track. 

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