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Maine Total and Permanent Disability Benefits

In South Portland, Maine, total and permanent disability benefits are offered to veterans, service members, and their families. In situations like these, it is highly justifiable that, as a veteran, you claim your constitutionally and statutorily guaranteed rights. If you need help filing a claim or appeal, contacting an experienced veteran benefits attorney can assist you in understanding the complicated process of getting financial assistance.

Jackson & MacNichol is proud to serve veterans with denied permanent disability benefits. With several years of experience, you can be assured that our legal team will help you get the disability compensation you deserve. Lawyers in our firm have helped many armed forces in similar circumstances. If you need assistance, schedule a free consultation today! 

Why Do I Need a Veteran Benefits Attorney in Maine?

maine total and permanent disability benefits Before filing a claim for financial assistance or veterans benefits, consider your veterans’ benefits attorney’s specific qualities first. As the process involves more than average knowledge, you need to hire the best veterans’ benefits lawyer in your state. 

To make sure that you are choosing the right one, consider the following good characteristics:

  • Focuses on your needs You deserve a veterans’ disability lawyer who focuses directly on your needs. Every soldier faces a unique set of circumstances. Hire a veterans’ disability lawyer who knows all pertinent laws to help you. Choose someone who can provide personalized and attentive legal service.
  • Free initial consultation You must first consult with an attorney before filing your claim. Any Maine resident feels strained when a consultation is not complimentary. Look for a law firm that does not charge for your evaluation or initial discussion call if you want to discuss your case with knowledgeable attorneys.
  • Professional guidance and representation These benefits are the only way for any disabled veteran of the United States Armed Forces to support their family. Hire a lawyer dedicated to helping you and your family rather than just filing a claim. Your veterans’ benefits attorney should be aware of and understand the value of financial assistance to you.

Jackson & MacNichol pays close attention to your specific needs. We recognize that each situation is unique, so they must be evaluated and provided with specific legal remedies. Our law firm’s coverage and scope of responsibilities are broad enough to handle complex laws about your social security concerns. We are committed to assisting you and your family, which is why we strive for excellence in all that we do. 

We are recognized as one of America’s most trusted lawyers. If you need to discuss your case with us, you can set up a free initial consultation now!

State of Maine Veterans’ Benefits

Maine gives social security disability benefits to veterans, their families, and service members, including employment preference, employment assistance, tuition assistance, special vehicle license plates, reduced fees at state parks and campgrounds, and fishing licenses and hunting privileges. Veterans’ eligibility for other benefits may be dependent on one’s residency, disability status, and military component. 

Below are the veterans’ assistance (VA) disability benefits:


  • Veteran Assistance – Every career center in Maine has dedicated veteran employment representatives who assist veterans in finding careers and jobs by helping with networking, interviewing skills, and networking.
  • Hiring Preference – Any eligible veteran candidate who meets the desired qualifications for a state job is assured an interview, including those veterans with an Other Than Honorable discharge. Spouses of Gold Star employees are also eligible for hiring preference. 
  • Accelerated Occupational Licensing Initiative – Provides an efficient licensing process for veterans competent with fuel, boiler, and plumbing, among others.
  • Veterans Health Care Employment – All veterans released or discharged under conditions aside from Dishonorable, who also accomplished healthcare-related training while in the armed forces, may use their veterans’ qualifications when considering civilian employment. Eligible veterans will get individualized assistance in connecting with the Maine Department of Labor’s staff to supervise the transition. 

Financial Assistance

  • Veteran Emergency Financial Assistance (VEFA) – VEFA was established to grant assistance to Maine veterans who suffer a fortuitous event and cannot suffice to resolve it. One example is damage to a veterans home caused by a flood, fire, or hurricane not covered by insurance. It also includes ill veterans or family members who have experienced financial hardship, assistance to resolve or prevent the veteran from becoming homeless, and any other condition that puts veterans at risk of not having access to necessities such as shelter, food, medical treatment, or safety. 

Tax Exemptions

  • Maine Veteran Pensions – Exempted from income tax.
  • Property Tax Exemption – $50,000 for paraplegic veterans; $6,000 for veterans who were deployed during a period of war and are 62 years or older, got 100% total disability as veterans or became permanently disabled while on duty. 
  • Vehicle Registration – 100% total and permanent, service-connected disabled veterans are exempted from title fees, a renewal fee of driver’s license, and a title fee.

Burial, Eldercare, and Survivor Benefits

  • Homes – Six areas around the state of Maine provide expert rehabilitative, long-term care, and skilled nursing for veterans, gold-star parents, and spouses. 
  • Memorial Cemeteries – One cemetery in Caribou, one in Springvale, and two in Augusta, Maine, offers incredible resting places for discharged veterans and their qualified dependents.
  • Gold Star Family Plates – Gold star families can receive a specially-designated license plate acknowledging their family member who got lost during military service. Maine’s program is unique in that it also awards Gold Star Plaques to family members of those who died while serving as active members of the US Armed Forces but did not die in active duty or combat.

Veteran Identification

  • Copies of DD 214S – Maine veterans can freely request a copy of their DD 214. However, veterans must provide substantial proof of their status. 
  • Military Service Driver’s License – Discharged veterans may legally acquire a driver’s license that shows their identification as a Maine veteran. It enables the holder to prove veteran status for several retail discounts and total and permanent disability benefits.
  • Veteran Plate – The Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Maine provides discharged veterans with several license plates exempt from registration fees. Veterans can also choose a special veteran license that includes commemorative decals.


  • Educational Benefits of Dependents – Tuition is waived at any Maine community college and maritime academy for dependents of people with 100% total and permanent disability who has lived in Maine for at least five years. 
  • Secondary Education for <embers of the National Guard – Tuition is waived at Maine community colleges and maritime academies for members of the National Guard of Maine.


  • Museum Pass and Veterans Park – Honorably discharged veterans in Maine are eligible for a lifetime pass to state parks and historic sites. 
  • Military Personnel Park Pass – Active-duty personnel may get a free day pass that gives complimentary admission for members of the service and their children and spouses to historic sites and state parks.
  • Disabled Veterans Moose Hunt – The moose hunt provides all equipment, guide services, meat processing, and food required to tag a moose to 25 veterans with total and permanent social security disability benefits.
  • Free License – Veterans who are 50% disabled or more can obtain a complimentary license to trap, fish, and hunt (migratory birds, bears, wild turkeys, etc.). The license is valid for life as long as the holder meets the main residence requirements. 
  • Access to State Parks – Veterans who display a specifically disabled license or placard are allowed to access state-owned parks freely.

Call our Veterans’ Benefits Attorney Now!

Suffering from total and permanent disability after rendering military service is not something you should take lightly. It certainly is frustrating, not only for your health but also financially. While it is true that the process of obtaining Maine total and permanent disability benefits is complicated, consulting an experienced veterans’ benefits attorney can help.

Jackson & MacNichol has an experienced veterans’ benefits attorney to assist you by focusing on your needs. Our legal team will tailor our veterans services to suit your circumstances. We provide professional guidance and representation to help you get the benefits you deserve. We can help you whether you are applying or need to file an appeal. If you need assistance, let our legal team do the work for you. Schedule a free consultation today!

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