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At Jackson & MacNichol, we represent veterans and can help you if you’re interested in a consultation before filing your claim. There is no charge for your initial discussion and evaluation of your potential claim. Our best VA disability lawyers will be able to offer the guidance needed to decide whether to pursue your claim.

Veterans Disability Common Claims

Veterans’ Disability Compensation is for veterans who have conditions that were caused or aggravated by their service in the military. These conditions cover many physical injuries and emotional conditions. As a veterans benefits lawyer, we are dedicated to helping you get the benefits and coverage you deserve.

VA Disability Benefits Eligibility

We represent veterans at Jackson & MacNichol. We are committed to pursuing Veterans’ disability appeals and ensuring that their rights are upheld. If you have been refused VA benefits or are unsatisfied with your rating decision, a veterans disability benefits lawyer may assist you.

Veterans Benefits Eligibility

Veterans’ disability benefits exist. This allows veterans to claim compensation for their injuries. An evaluation is to be performed which determines the range of injury and how much the veteran is entitled to receive based on the severity of their condition.Your military service and dedication to your country should not go unnoticed.

Why Our Attorneys

Our lawyers for veterans’ disability claims have helped many other soldiers in similar situations. VA disability compensation lawyers know the ins and outs and will use this knowledge to help you. Getting the best results from this filing is only possible when you use lawyers who have made a living specializing in this type of law. While there are several lawyers for veterans with disabilities in the area, not all of them can provide the attentive and personable service available through our team of lawyers for disabled veterans. We are unique because we are a few law firms specializing in helping veterans get the benefits they deserve.


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Veterans benefits attorney in Maine

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