How Can VA Disability Appeal Lawyers Help?

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How Can VA Disability Appeal Lawyers Help?

Published on May 23rd, 2017

The VA are the first to admit that veterans that have been denied benefits and wish to appeal have a better chance of success when they are represented by VA disability appeal lawyers. The numbers bear this out; those that appeal without representation are twice as liable to have their appeal denied as well.

Each situation is unique, some cases are so straight forward that approval is a given while other cases are not so cut and dried. There are good reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer to assist you with your appeal.

Lawyers know the law and the regulations:

You don’t have to tell military veterans much about complex rules and regulations; they live with them while serving. It is a recognized fact that the VA makes many errors, this seems to indicate that even they have a difficult time understanding their own laws and rules. This is not the case with VA disability appeal lawyers, they know the law inside and out and they must prove it to the VA to get accreditation. To maintain their status they are obliged to keep up to date with the ever changing rules, laws and regulations.

Building a rock-solid case:

Lawyers are experts at using all the available evidence and supporting documentation to build a strong case for their clients. If the reason for denial of benefits was because you failed to provide evidence or that which you did provide was not enough to support your claim, your lawyer can help you prove that you are disabled and that your disability is directly related to your years in the service.

Finding Out Why the Claim Has Been Denied

When hiring one of our lawyers to help with an appeal of a VA disability claim denial, you will be able to get to the root of why the claim was denied. While there are a variety of mistakes you could have made during the filing of your disability claim, there will be times when errors on the VA’s behalf lead to denials. If the VA does not provide you with information regarding what type of paperwork you need for your initial claim, it can be grounds for an appeal.

The only way to find out what your best course of action is regarding the appeal of a VA disability claim denial is by working with our team of knowledgeable legal professionals. We have helped veterans for years with their disability claims and can do the same for you.

Knowing What Your Rights Are

If you are like most former service members, you are probably confused about what your rights are regarding the appeal of VA disability claim denial. Trying to navigate through this difficult process without the help of our legal team can lead to a number of problems. Rather than missing a chance to get the disability benefits you are owed due to a lack of experience, let our legal team help you.

Once we have heard all of the details of your case, we will work hard to put together a successful appeal.

Speed up the decision:

Lawyers cannot make the VA work any faster but what experienced VA disability appeal lawyers can do is gather the necessary evidence needed to support your claim faster, they can also respond much faster in the event the VA inspector wishes to see additional information. It may not sound like much but shaving a month or so off the process means more money in your pocket.

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