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All About Medical Nexus Letters

Published on February 24th, 2020

As a veteran applying for VA disability compensation, you can probably point to a current disability as well as an event in service that you believe may have triggered the issue. Whether it’s a disease, injury, or mental condition that’s impacted your life for the worse, having a medical professional’s opinion on your side can be instrumental in securing the benefits you deserve.

What is a Medical Nexus Letter?

A medical nexus letter is a written assessment created by a doctor which argues it is more likely than not that your health issue was caused by an event (or events) you experienced during service. This can help strengthen your case as a doctor’s opinion may weigh greatly in the benefits decision-making process.

5 Tips for a Strong Nexus Letter

  1. Your doctor does not need to make an absolute assessment. Instead, the benchmark is a 50-50 possibility, or that it’s “at least as like as not” that your condition was caused by a during-service event.
  2. Being personally examined by the doctor writing your letter can help strengthen the case, along with allowing them access to your relevant service and medical records.
  3. The letter should be complete but not overly lengthy, with the most relevant aspects clearly detailed for optimal comprehension.
  4. Seek out the opinion of a doctor who is board certified, especially within the area of medicine that correlates with your health issue.

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